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REBECCA & MIKE | Rustic, Sage, Boho Wedding at White Skye Fields, nr York.

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

These two kicked off their love affair with sunburnt knees, a lingering look and a trip to see some owls. Let me explain… Just over six years ago, Rebecca was greeted by a blond-haired, blue-eyed guy, who very helpfully made sure she was ready and fully prepared for the task she was about to endure. The main thing Rebecca remembers about this experience is the lingering look, the guy gave her and how it was somewhat distracting, just moments before she began her interview. Mike however, doesn’t remember a lingering look.

Touching noses the bride and groom are smiling and stood in a wooded area

After being told she had secured the job, Rebecca began her new placement, but it wasn’t until a work night out when they properly got the meet and chat informally. After consuming a few tequila shots they exchange numbers and arranged their first date.

The groom is looking thoughtfully up to the sky are his wife kisses him on the cheek

Mike being very thoughtful and attentive had already discovered Rebecca’s fascination of owls, so arrange a trip to a country fair where he knew they would be able to see some. It was here where their romance blossomed; realising they had much to discuss, the day drifted by so quickly they actually missed the owls they’d gone to see and Rebecca had been enjoying the weather so much, she had sunburnt her knees. Nevertheless, they’d had the loveliest of days and since have been pretty much inseparable.

When it came to planning their wedding, after Mike unexpectedly proposed, last September they knew they wanted their day to be memorable, relaxed and fun. Although they live in Chesham, they decided to plan their wedding closer to Rebecca’s parents', and when they found White Syke Fields they both loved what it offered. It was a blank canvas for them to put their stamp on. They both liked the idea of a clean, rustic-palette of greens and whites that would mingle in well with the bare bricks and white-washed walls.

Mike’s friends Katie and Dan helped to bring their vision to life with Katie creating country styled bouquets for Rebecca and her bridesmaids to carry down the aisle along with a stunning floral hoop, which was focal point in both the ceremony room and the function area. The rest of the table decor was kept to a minimum, using ivy and candles to create an ambient atmosphere in the dining area. The table names were named after their favourite authors of books they had enjoyed together, which they placed with the book itself at intervals on the trellis tables.

A wooden sign is hanging saying White Sykes Farm

White-washed wall, sign written saying WSF

florist creating the floral hoop for the bride

The florist sorting through her flowers

trimming the flowers the florist is smiling.

laying the tables at the wedding venue.

a floral hoop ready for the wedding ceremony

rustic sign with green decor with the couples name printed on it.

the ceremony room at white sykes fields

wild flower bouquet by NIDGE

a small bottle of lemoncello as a favour

the dining hall at white syke fields, york

table names sign sat on top of a book

another angle of the dining hall at white syke fields

one of the Yorkshire bartenders staff putting wine on the table

wild bouquet sat in front on a cart wheel

The couple chose to have a humanist ceremony, lead by Rachael, they like that it would be much more personal to them both and that they could add their own choices of readings along with a hand fastening to seal the marriage. They wanted to have as many of their close friends and family involved in both of these events, but not just in the form of bridesmaids and ushers. Rebecca and Mike were able to choose close friend Ollie and Mike's sister, Kate to do the readings along with various family members and friends to help with the fasting. The ceremony was made extra special due to Rachel's meticulous planning and making time to get to know both Mike and Rebecca, she told their love story so far and talked about major milestones they have already undertaken and achieved together to date.

Both Rebecca and Mike are vegetarian, so they chose to serve a veggie banquet for all of their guests, Baba Ganoush cooked the most delicious “chicken” and mushroom pie, served with fresh veg and mash, which seemed go down stunningly well. After the meal the cocktails were in full flow and they enjoyed more chat with their friends along with their extra guests that turned up for the evening too.

the bride and groom stood  in front of the white syke fields sign written wall

vegan chicken, pie made by babaganoush

cocktail making at white sykes fields, the yorkshire bartender

the yorkshire bartender is pouring an espresso martini

espresso martini beim pour by the yorkshire bartender

a trio of desserts made by babaganoush

When it came to the party, they’d put the most incredible playlist together for the DJ to get everyone going, I’ve not seen a dance floor like this for a while….

Credits to Suppliers: Photos: Anoif Photography | Venue: White Sykes Fields | Humanist Ceremony: Rachael Bowers | Flowers: KIDGE | Food: Baba Ganoush | Bar: The Yorkshire Bartender | Cake: Sarah, Rebecca’s clever sister.

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