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SARAH & BEN | Villa Farm, Wedding at York, with Rustic, Burgundy Theme.

The seven year itch, is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Luckily, seven years for Sarah and Ben is a good thing. Their wedding day itself being on their seven year anniversary of them officially getting together and exactly a year after they got engaged. These two are made for each other you can clearly see this when they’re together.

The bride and groom are stood by the lake at villa farm, york the groom is wearing a burgundy suit and the bride is in a white lace dress, they are embracing one another and kissing.

They met and became good friends whilst working together, when Sarah was just 18. Ben had two young children and a dog, yet they didn’t become a couple until 4 years later. Sarah had left the mutual placement of work and they’d not seen each other for a while, when they eventually, bumped in to one another.. From this point on their relationship was a whirlwind of excitement as they romantically felling head over heal for each other.

The bride and groom are hand in hand on the jetty at villa farm, york they are smiling towards one another as they walk towards the camera in the burgundy suit and white lace dress.

Not much time passed, before Sarah moved herself in and took on Ben’s children as her own, now 17 & 16 I can see how close the four of them are as a family. The smiles and tears as Sarah and Ben said I do, said it all.

It was really important to both Sarah and Ben that their three dog friends were with them on their day, especially Weezy, who has been there from the start, now nearly 15. He walked down the aisle with their son Lloyde and the rings, followed by Aaliyah and the rest of the bridesmaids. Sarah had her Mum at her side all morning and as she walked down the aisle; she describes her Mum as her best friend, this was a real honour for Tracey, you could tell.

I could see why Ben and Sarah chose to do everything at York Barn, Villa Farm. To start with it’s nestled in the countryside of York and located only 4 miles from York City Centre, making it easy for friend to find somewhere to their liking to stay if they weren’t staying on-site. York Barn, also offers the warmest of welcomes by blending the rustic, homestead décor along with a modern twist and of course the benefit of being able to do everything in one place made it much more relaxing.

They also had a lot of people to invite, so the space York Barn had to offer made sure they had plenty of room to dine and dance, which was useful when the Singing Waiters kicked off the party mid meal, followed by their friend's band, who sang back to back Oasis for the first set-pretty cool!

If you want to see the story from beginning to end watch the slideshow below 🥰⬇️

The suppliers for the day

Hair: Dannie Lea | The Dress: Treasured Brides, in York | Venue: Villa Farm | Food: Purple Chilli in York for food | Suit: Dandy Threads, Gusiborough | Band: Definitely maybeez | Fireworks: Ardent fireworks in Pocklington

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