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Review of my latest challenge...

For those of you who have already been following me on Facebook, you will know all about my 30 day challenge. For those of you who have not, I will tell you a little about it...After numerous shoots and spending hours sifting through ever last image trying my hardest to narrow them down to the desired amount, I decided to set myself a challenge, a challenge to try and help me do, just that.

I thought about self portraits but felt it might be quite a time consuming project for over the summer holidays (I love days out with my two children) and then it dawned on me, I had two, ready made, disposable, 'free' models, Lewis 11 and Natalie 9 my own children. So I asked them if they'd be willing to help me out and they were both more then happy to assist. :) I'm very luck i know.

So I decided to choose one portrait a day and not one more, it was tough to start with, however as the days rolled by I found myself making the decisions much quicker and easier than I had done to start with. Not only this I also wanted to make each portrait unique and as different as I could. I found the fact that it was the holidays and we were actively out and about made this quiet achievable, although on the days we did just stay at home I really had to think about this somewhat more. This pushed me, making me think outside the box, using my imagination and seeking inspiration from new technique I felt I was able to expand my knowledge and try out ideas without the worry of a paying client. I love to learn, as they say-every day's a school day!

I hope you enjoy looking at them as much I we enjoyed snapping them. I have included below, my favourite along with my most 'liked' photo too. Your comments and opinions matter to me, so please feel free...


The photo with the most likes...

My most liked photo, taken on my Canon 6D in La Bastide de Virac, France.

I love it when they laugh.

My favourite of the bunch hands down and soon to be in a frame on my "wall of fame." Taken in a random field near my Mum and Dads, I love it when they laugh.


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