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BEX & JOE | St Mary's Church Wedding, followed by American-Barn Reception.

St Mary's Church is fast becoming one of my local haunts, with probably over half of my local, church weddings being in this beautiful building. I can see why Bex and Joe (and indeed the many, other happy couples) chose St Mary's Church for their wedding, with it's incredibly, beautiful stone, exterior along with it's ambient-lit inner space with grand wooden doored entrance.

St Mary's Church Wedding couple exiting after the ceremony.

Bride being walked down the aisle by her brother at St Mary's Church Wedding

Lower angle shot at a St Mary's Church Wedding

St Mary's Church Wedding mother smiling at the couple

Listening to the readings at St Mary's Church Wedding

The couple are laughing at the reading at a St Mary's Church Wedding

The groom's sister does a ready at a St Mary's Church Wedding

Saying their vows at a St Mary's Church Wedding

St Mary's Church Wedding where the bride is emotional

St Mary's Church Wedding where a tear is rolling down the brides face as she  looks at her husband.

Drying her tears at the St Mary's Church Wedding

Emotional guests at a St Mary's Church Wedding

When Bex and Joe first got in touch with me, their email went pretty much like this...

"Hi there,
We are getting married on 20th May 2023 and wondered if you were available? You’ve done a few weddings we have been to and always like the natural look of your photos! The wedding will be at Old Malton church with the reception will be a barn or marquee at the families yard where a pony or two may make an appearance along with two labradors (if they all behave)! Look forward to hearing from you.
Many thanks, Bex and Joe"

You all know how much I love animals, especially horses and dogs! This to me, was THE dream enquiry. I love it when couples have seen my work or have been at a wedding I've captured in the past; this in my eyes, is the best way to get new wedding bookings in the future.

The groom is twirling his bride in the middle of the gallops.

Kissing the horses muzzle the bride leans in to the bay horse.

The groom is twirling his bride in the middle of a field

Drone shot at Newstead Stables Wedding

So, the Church, the animals, the fact they liked my work and were holding the celebrations in a barn or a marquee; could this actually get any better? I'm pleased to tell you, dam right it can! Not only were Bex and Joe about to hold their wedding in a local barn, it was a barn on Joe's families' stud yard. I TOLD YOU!

Not only is this wedding to involve animals and relaxed people, it was actually at a yard, with real, live horses, stables overlooking the celebrations, a canter track, horse walker and views to, die for.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

When I met Joe and Bex about a month before their day, they showed me around the yard and the barn. It was a windy and colder than normal evening in March and the leaves where still not out on any of the trees.

I'd photographed one of Bex's closest friend's wedding last year at the church, followed by celebrations at Aldby Park, near Buttercrambe and what a day that was. I could tell Bex had reservations about how photogenic their 'venue' would be, after all, she was showing me around a stable block on their yard and I think she maybe felt like, I might be thinking they were crazy. How would it compare to where Guy and Sam had held their day, just 10 months ago.

Bex was wrong, because all I could think about was how incredible and personal their day was about to be. The backdrop of the horse walker and their plans to paint the stable blocks and then run with an American Barn theme, inside the stables. They cleverly filled the stable block with a marquee's inner-shell and decorated it rustically, with greens and creams, whilst naming the tables after some of the racehorses Joe's late father and sister had trained. The very thought of it was just amazing.

I know I go on about this on my website, but this is exactly what I mean, every wedding is different, this is why I love what I do so much.

I knew it was important to Joe and Bex that they held their day at Newstead Stables, for the reason that sadly, Joe's father had passed a few years earlier. I think having their day here was very special to them both and with it being at home, it was like Joe's dad was there too-in spirit.

It was obvious this was the case with the atmosphere here and Joe's Uncle flew in from Australia, especially for the day too. I believe this was the first time they'd been to the yard since his brother's passing. Clearly, this brought back a lot of memories for the family and at times, I could see how special and emotional this had been for them all.

What a great way to build more memories in this very special places where Joe, Bex and their family will be for many years to come.


Photos: Fiona @ Anoif Photography | Dress: Brides of York | Hair: Steph & Kaylee @ Luxe | Stationary: Milk and Sugar Design | Food: Alison @ Willows Catering Co | Cake: Cait Who Bakes | Bar: Yorkshire Events Bar | Marquee: Florida Marquees | Band: The Mojos | Dj: Matty Thorpe


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