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CHARLOTTE & CHARLIE | Pastel-blues and Tweed, an Outdoor Wedding at Burythorpe House, Malton.

Childhood sweethearts, Charlie and Charlotte chose their venue because of it’s sentimental value to both of them; after forming their relationship at just 16, having left school they've loved being in each others’ company ever since. At just 17 Charlie treated Charlotte to a mini-break in the countryside and guess where they ended up…You’re absolutely right! It was Burythorpe House, near Malton and ever since they’ve revisited the place for special occasions, including their engagement last year. Therefore, it made absolute sense to become Mr & Mrs Holland here too.

The bride and groom are sharing their first kiss at their outdoor ceremony at burythorpe house in the gardens in from tof the turquoise pagoda. the bride is in a white lace dress and the groom is in a teed suit.

Their day was full of happiness, laughter and beautiful memories as their guests spoke fondly of Charlotte’s late father. They are both thoughtful people and clearly have a keen eye for details, being welcomed in to the ceremony by a live pianist was something Charlotte spoke excitedly about. Her Dad had been a keen performer and pianist before he passed, he also loved to wear red socks, which the pair wanted to represent on the day too, so Charlie and the groomsmen all wore red socks.

In the gardens of burythrope house the bride is sat on a wall with her husband and his three groomsmen, she has her elbow resting on his shoulder and the groomsmen's legs are entanged showing off their red socks that they are wearing.

These two have a close-knit and loving community of friends and family, it was obvious to see as they walked down the aisle to their outdoor ceremony. As Charlotte and her Mum arrived, the sun beamed down, as the piano notes drifted across the lawn in perfect tune with the laugher of Jackson their son and Ellie the flower girl. It was an emotional time for Charlotte with her Mum accompanying her for support.

The pair have already been through a lot together so when Charlotte’s Mum describe Charlie as Charlotte’s rock through a very emotional speech there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. They laughed and they cried, before enjoying the food and wine they had both so passionately chosen. Both Charlotte and Charlie described themselves as foodies and had taken a lot of thought and time in choosing their meal for them and their guests.

Charlie told me how Charlotte has an infectious smile and how he loves that she’s such a wonderful mother to their son Jackson, she’s kind, affectionate and confident he admitted.

Charlotte said me how Charlie makes her laugh everyday and has the cheekiest of smiles, which I think he’s passed on to Jackson. She also told me how he’s a keen cook (Charlotte’s personal chef) and that he’s the best friend she could ever wish for.


Photos: Anoif Photography | Venue: Burythorpe House | Dress: Hoops and Daisey, Huddersfield | Make up: Danielle | Hair: Janet Best Hair Design | Flowers: Anne at Silk Floral Art | Cake: Sprinkles & Mallows | Food: Burrythorpe House | Hog roast: Spitting Pig | Music: Andy Clark | Suits: Mark Darcy

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