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LAUREN & ELLIOTT | A traditional, church wedding at St Laurence’s followed by dancing at the NCEM.

Tradition was really important to Lauren and Elliott, so when they discussed their service with the Vicar at St Laurence’s, they decided to go for an Old English service, one like their grandparents might have had. It was totally different and nothing like I’ve heard before, it were like watching a period drama/film, which was stunning.

The Couple at stood in a lane near york minster, they have their heads together and are looking in to each other's eyes, the are a silhouette against the minsters, leaves are trailing over the wall of the lane which is name precentor's court

It wasn’t just the service they stopped at, these two are both really sentimental people. Lauren had been given some of her “Big Grandma’s “ earrings a little while ago and because sadly she’s no longer with us but had been a big part of Lauren’s life, they wanted her to be there somehow. With this in mind, she had the earrings adapted and attached to her wedding shoes to glitz them up in the classiest way she could. They also had a butterfly in each of the bridesmaid's bouquets, this was to represent Elliott’s niece, who would have been in her early teenaged years now. This is how everyone in Elliott’s family remember her, so it was not only a thoughtful addition to the flowers but a beautiful one too.

White wedding shoes against a grey background, they have diamond earrings from the brides great grandmother attached to the toes for sentimental purpose.

These two are very much full of life, they love to be busy and immersed in whatever they do, so their day was crammed full and after the church service they hoped in the back of the wedding car and I got a ride too! We drove around some of York's most beautiful landmarks and gardens for photos. Lauren and Elliott met and live in York, the city means a lot to them both, so they wanted this to shine though in their photos.

st laurence's church in york, taken through the tress of the spire, the clock tower reads 11.40am

When we joined everyone else at the NCEM (Nation Centre for Early Music) in was about time to eat, so they greeted everyone in the traditional line-up form and then enjoyed a banquet of food, before dancing the night away with Aluinn, a professional Ceilidh Band, who talked everyone through a series of dances during two sets of music. What fun this was the watch!


Venue: NCEM | Photography: Anoif Photography | Hair: | Make up: Claire, Lauren’s Bridesmaid | Dress: | Flowers: | Food: Bradshaws Catering | Cake: | Band: Aluinn

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