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VICKY & ADAM | Country Farm-yard Wedding at Kennels Farm, North Yorkshire

Kennels Farm is just outside of Malton, it’s Adam’s family home where: He and his three siblings grew up; his sister got married back in 2009 and it is now his and Vicky’s home. After proposing to Vicky at the top of the Alps on a skiing holiday, this was the place both he and she knew would be the perfect for their wedding day.

Over looking the Country Farm-yard Wedding at Kennel Farm

Adam’s a farmer and Vicky a P.E teacher, so it’s a given that, they enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, both together with their dog Eric and for their jobs too. With Adam farming the land since he was a young lad and Vicky enjoying their acres to ride and exercise her horses, they knew exactly where they should have their photos.

They knew where the sun would be at specific times of the day; which made capturing their wedding portraits an absolute breeze, because the light was just as we needed. Something they both talked about before the day, was having their home in the background of these photos, their home is a beautiful Tudor farm house and is close to their hearts.

The couple look back on Country Farm-yard Wedding at Kennel Farm

Portrait of the couple looking in to each other's eyes, the sun is on her chest

The groom is spinning his bride on the hill above Country Farm-yard Wedding at Kennel Farm

The bride and groom are running hand in hand through the long meadow grass

At sunset set behind Country Farm-yard Wedding at Kennel Farm

The couples dog Eric, a black spaniel

Country Farm-yard Wedding at Kennel Farm the couple are fussing there dog

The dog is jumping in the air, the capture is of a silhouette at sunset

Drone shot of Country Farm-yard Wedding at Kennel Farm

They got married at Westow Church, just a few miles away from the farm; with the church being part of what would have been a tiny hamlet, the building provides little parking, so to overcome any grid-lock issues, they arranged for all the guests to meet at the farm prior to the ceremony, where they could hitch a ride on the back of a tractor-in a trailer. This was quite the talking point before the wedding and something both Adam and Vicky were really excited about, but also something they wouldn’t be able to be part of, so I agreed to hop on board and join their guests on what was a much smoother, but grippingly faster journey than I ever expected. It was a lot of fun though!

The tractors ready to leave Country Farm-yard Wedding at Kennel Farm

Tractor arriving at Westow Church for a wedding

There was one big surprise these two had in store for all their guest, in fact the surprise has caused them to move their wedding from the Saturday to the Friday. Quite the move hey! When Vicky got in touch, she just asked to move and I had no idea why that could be, she told me they’d secured a Saxophone player and she sent me a link to her website. Ellie Sax, I’m dreadful with names and had never heard of her, but she looked pretty cool on her website, she got the party going and I had to believe that if these two were prepared to move their entire day for this girl, she had to be more than pretty cool. Nothing could have prepared myself or the guests for what was coming, there was much whispering and then a girl flitting in and out from behind the marquee in funky green harem pants and chunky pink boots. You could see the guests looking and wondering who she was. Finally, the hidden curtain flew up at the back of the marquee, the DJ began gathering everyone for the first dance and the confetti cannons burst open, up in to the lights above, creating the most magical moment for all to see.

(I 100% recommend you get confetti cannons for you first dance now, btw!) As everyone took it in, out she came, Sax in hand complete with the most incredible sequin hat and pink tassels flying everywhere- the party began. The dance floor exploded with guests piling in from every direction and everyone cramming together, getting anywhere near Ellie was nigh-on-impossible, so much so, I was lifted on the shoulders of my husband (who was a guest) where I was able to get some pretty awesome shots.

First dance at Country Farm-yard Wedding at Kennel Farm

confetti cannon goes off at Country Farm-yard Wedding at Kennel Farm during the first dance

The couple are enjoying the confetti sprinkling over them on there first dance.

Dancing in the confetti at Country Farm-yard Wedding at Kennel Farm during the first dance.

Ellie Sax starts the party at Country Farm-yard Wedding at Kennel Farm

The dance floor is alive at Country Farm-yard Wedding at Kennel Farm when Ellie Sax appears

Ellie Sax mid performance at Country Farm-yard Wedding at Kennel Farm

Tassels flying on Ellie Sax's shoulders at Country Farm-yard Wedding at Kennel Farm

Couple enjoying their party at Country Farm-yard Wedding at Kennel Farm with Ellie Sax

Take a look at their day from start to end, there was so much more to it than the party, not only was it full of some great people, who I’ve worked with so regularly now, they’re fast becoming friends, Adam saved a sheep, we got the most incredible sunset and I got to capture the whole thing. Apart from him saving to sheep because to begin with we weren't sure if it was having a fit or was just stuck on it's back. 🤦🏻‍♀️🙈 Thankfully, the later.

CREDITS TO SUPPLIERS Photos: Fiona @ Anoif Photography | Dress: Bridal Studio, Malton | Flowers: Simple Foliage |

Marquee: Florida Marquees | Cake: Louise Hodsman | Food- Janet Fairweather


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