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SAM & JAMES' Spring Beverley Minster Wedding, North Yorkshire.

There is so much about these two, their story and their day I want to share with you, yet where to begin? I’m told the opening line to a blog is the most important. I guess that’s why it’s SO blooming hard to think of, and whilst I’m sitting here looking to the porridge, I just welded to the bottom of the pan, inspiration isn’t flying my way…

So Sam and James, James and Sam, two epic party animals, who love nothing more than spending time with their friends and family, making damm, sure they live and breathe every minuscule moment, that’s who these two are!

The bride and groom exiting Beverley Mister after their wedding.

How did I do? With the opening statement I mean! That’s right, these two are party animals, they live and breathe the opportunity of having a good time; laughing, dancing and reminiscing with loved ones, about people past and present. That said, it will be no surprise to you, that Sam and James had always talked about getting married at Beverley Minster when the time came. Let me explain.

The clock tower at Beverley Mister, the time is 1.50pm

The wind is captured the brides long veil outside of the mister in Beverley.

Walking towards the minster in beverley, the bride's with her dad and bridesmaids.

The west enterance at beverley minster

the father of the bride is walking his daughter up the aisle at Beverley Minster.

The Grooms first view of his wife to be at Beverley Minster

Veil blowing in the wind outside at Beverly Minster.

Confetti Exit at Beverley Minster Wedding

Outside at Beverley Minster

Why there and what does this have to do with what you were just saying? Not only is the Minster in Beverley larger than one-third of ALL English Cathedrals, it’s regarded as a Gothic master piece by many and most importantly to Sam and James, it’s where Sam’s Great Nan and Great Grandad wed many years ago. Sam and James’ day; however, was a little different to that of her great grandparents, because they married at noon, then returned, on their bicycles, to the fields of their farm, where they continued their day’s toil. Sam and James definitely didn’t do the last part.

Stargazing photo by the lake at The Oaks Golf Club York, by Anoif Photography

You guested it; yes, they hosted an epic party, because they love a party. In fact, that’s how they met, 6 years ago. The craziest thing about the night they met, is Sam wasn’t actually, planning on going, she was tired and I think I recall her having an early morning the following day. Something made her go though, maybe their universes had alined or maybe it was just pure chance, but that was the night, Sam met James, at a mutual friend’s house party.

The dance floor at The Oaks Golf Club

They met, they got on ands James REALLY liked Sam, so being the detective he is, he participated in a bit of facebook stalking and ended up getting in touch with someone who I think we can say for sure, certainly wasn’t Sam. Now I missed the rest of this story, probably because I was crying with laughter and also trying to capture the speeches in the best and most meaningful way possible, so these two can look back on this moment and cherish it.

Going back to their wedding day party, it was held at The Oaks Golf Club, near Elvington, on the outskirts of York. I’ve never been to The Oaks Golf Club before, so when I pulled up at the bottom of the road to grab a quick snap of the gates, I was very pleasantly surprised to see the perfectly-cut greens which were decorated with evergreen and deciduous trees. The place is picturesque to say the least.

The entrance to The Oaks Gold Club, York

Marquee at the back of The Oaks Gold Club at York

The party was to be held in a marque, at the back of the spa and club area, overlooking one of the lakes, which was bordered by yet another beautiful tree-line and endlessly manicured greens. We were it appeared, in the middle of nowhere with so many incredible photo opportunities in store for us. It was at this point, whilst I was surveying the area and enjoying the view, the peace and tranquility was disturbed with shrieks or laugher and people pointing. Sam and James had created to most creative table plan I’ve seen yet, they’d found an image of every one of their guests and they’d pegged them to a board, where they’d waited to be discovered. Discovered they were, Sam and James’ guests giggled and bonded; any ice that may have been there was soon broken, as they looked and laughed, the reason being, they really had found the craziest photos possible of each and every one of them. When they turned over the polaroid image, there on the back was the name of their table. Honestly, this was such a fun idea, a bit like the treasure hunt James set up for Sam.

I haven’t mentioned that yet and I really want to. This is the story of how James proposed to Sam… James bought the ring and he had a plan to ask Sam to marry him, so he buried the ring in the garden.

Yes, you did read that right, James did burry the ring in the garden!

He had planned to do a treasure hunt for her, so she could find the ring and then he’d ask her to marry him and that’s just what he did. There was a little hiccup though, given the ring ended up being buried for six weeks in the end! Luckily, when the right time did arrive and James finally, began the proceeds of asking the question, the ring was still there and she said yes. The rest I suppose, is history.



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