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A Rustic Romance: The North Yorkshire Farm Wedding of Mr & Mrs Parker

Marquee Wedding on the Family Farm in Upper Poppleton

In the heart of the North Yorkshire countryside, where the golden fields stretch as far as the eye can see, lies a place where love has blossomed amidst the simplicity of rural life. This is the story of Ben and Joanna Parker, whose journey from a chance meeting at a young farmers' gathering to a beautiful farm wedding reflects the timeless charm and enduring love found in rural communities.

Farm Wedding at Upper Poppleton, North Yorkshire

Their story began at the tender age of 18, amidst the camaraderie of a young farmers' event. Fate intervened, leading them on separate paths, only to reunite them a little later with the "right" swipe of a screen. And so, their love story resumed, weaving together moments of laughter, joy, and shared dreams.

It was amidst the tranquil beauty of Sandsend, where their first adventure took flight, making this a place they’ve both become fond of. A surprise trip to celebrate Joanna's new job turned into a magical memory, underneath the vast expanse of the open sky and the soothing melody of the waves, he proposed in that very place, a moment now etched in their hearts forever.

Sandsend Engagement Session

Sunrise at Sandsend enagement photos

Sillouhettes at Sandsend

That made Sandsend the perfect location for their engagement photos. With both Ben and Joanna leading extremely busy lives, we planned an early session and watched the sunrise together as I snapped away, this created a beautiful introduction to their story and got both of them comfortable in my presence ahead of the wedding. We were done by 9.30 am and Ben was spraying fields by 11, whilst Joanna enjoyed Easter Banquets with her family and friends.

Traditions of a Farm Wedding

Their wedding day was a celebration of love, tradition, and family heritage, set against the backdrop of Ben's family farm, now their cherished home. For four generations, the farm has stood as a testament to the enduring bond of family, making it a place of special significance for the newlyweds.

Drone photo of a Farm Wedding setup

The couple just before they enter their Farm Wedding

Inspirational and sentimental touches, by Joanna and Ben

Throughout their day, Joanna and Ben had dappled sentimental touches. Ben sourced and prepared the materials as farmers do... He dried sprigs of corn from their family fields at harvest last year and also spent hours washing wool from their prize sheep. These medias were then passed to Joanna, she used them to craft place names for the tables. Joanna spent hours, carefully tying these together, to make their tables look truly unique.

I think the wedding favours were one of my favourite things! Sue, (Joanna’s Mum) had knitted farm-yard-themed covers for chocolate oranges, they looked incredible and a whole chocolate orange, I mean who doesn't love that!?

Table decor at a Farm Wedding

PErsonalised Farm Wedding place names

Knitted fourites on the the table at a Farm Wedding

Bottles of Sloe Gin were placed on each table, another touch of tradition from the pair.

A real family affair, it's great hearing how everyone got involved.

Farm Wedding MArquee all ready for the guests

A Traditional Chruch Wedding in Upper Poppleton

Ben's grand entrance to the village church was a nod to his roots and a sight to behold as he rocked up on the spanking-new Massey Ferguson. Five tractors in total, each with its own story to tell, Ben’s four vintage treasures, stood as proud next to the giant gleaming machine.

Farm Wedding Transport with the groom

Farm Wedding transport

The groon arriving at church beofre thier Farm Wedding

Farm Wedding givaway at Upper Poppleton Church

Upper Poppleton Church, it's a farm wedding

Farm Wedding at Upper Poppleton Church

Wedding at Upper Poppleton Church

Waiting for the bride at Upper Poppleton Church

Upper Poppleton Church Wedding walking down the aisle

Upper Poppleton Church wedding

Upper Poppleton Church Wedding a reflection

Signing the wedding papers at Upper Poppleton Church

Upper Poppleton Church wedding, the couple leave as Mr and Mrs

Farm Wedding at Upper Poppleton Church the newly weds exit

Farm Wedding at Upper Poppleton Church the couple walk though a pitch folk tunnel

Upper Poppleton Church Wedding, the confetti tunnel

The lastest Mr and Mrs at Upper Poppleton Church

Following the heartfelt ceremony, Joanna joined Ben on his tractor (I’m not sure how happy she was about this, but she did it with a smile even so) for the journey back to their marquee reception. The air was filled with laughter and excitement as guests savoured the delectable offerings prepared by, The Hogg and Apple, their trusted caterers.

Farm Wedding group photos

Hogg and Apple at a Farm Wedding

Portrairts at a Farm Wedding

The reception took an unexpected turn when a waiter's mishap turned into a delightful surprise. Rising from his fall with grace, he burst into song, setting the stage for an evening filled with joy and celebration. The silver service waiters' unique introduction to their act added a touch of whimsy to the festivities, capturing the essence of the couple's laid-back and fun-loving nature.

Singing waiters enterance durind a Farm Wedding

Farm Wedding and the singing waiters

Let do the conga at a Farm Wedding

Farm Wedding mock fist dance

Farm Wedding groom tossing

The groom high fives the singing waiter.

As the night unfolded, the dance floor became the focal point of the celebration, with Ben, Joanna, and their guests dancing the night away to the infectious rhythm of their live band. It was a scene of pure happiness, where love and laughter mingled in perfect harmony.

First dance for the couple

Electric Idolls playing during a Farm Wedding

Farm Wedding Shindig!

Electric Idolls playing at a Farm Wedding

Farm Wedding dance floor

Capturing moments like these through the lens of my camera is a privilege, for they are not just snapshots of a day but glimpses into the unique love story of each couple. Ben and Joanna's farm wedding was a true reflection of their personalities, their heritage, and the deep bond that unites them, a testament to the enduring power of love in the heart of the countryside.

If you’re planning a Farm Wedding like Joanna and Ben, you should get in touch to see if I'm free. Farm Weddings are one of my all-time favourites.


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