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LOUBIE & AMY | Rainbow Wedding at 1331 in York, with Hand-fasting, Bubble Boys and Drag Queens.

When Amy and Loubie told about the plans for their day, I couldn’t believe how wild and wonderfully, wacky they sounded...They turned the day upside down and filled it full so they could enjoy NOT being the centre of attention.

Twi brides at walking through a tornado of confetti that their guests are throwing at them on the streets of York outside of 1331, they are both carrying a bouquet of lego flowers and holding hands whilst look extremely happy and screaming with joy.

Not only did we do their photos before the ceremony as we walked from The Churchill to 1331, they told me how they’d be welcomed in to the ceremony together through a curtain of bubbles. Before we got to the ceremony we enjoyed a walk through the Museum Gardens in York, where we stopped in a few pre-planned places to get some awesome snaps of these two.

The brides are holding their necklaces towards the camera, the necklaces read fuck the patriarchy

On the stair case of the churchill hotel the bridal party are getting ready to leave. The walls are baby blue and there are paintings on the walls along with a coat of arms above the door of the door that they have just left.

Amy and Loubie had dressed their ushers in bright pink suits and entitled them the bubble boys. Before they walked down the aisle, they got the bubble boys to do a show stopping performance where they covered the guests in bubbles before creating a curtain of them for the pair to walk through as the cruised down the aisle together. They didn't stop here, they gave me the heads-up that a drag queen would burst in as they left the ceremony to surprise their guests.

After a show stopping entrance Amy and Loubie thoughtfully exchanged their vows followed by participating in the joining of both of their families, particularly Erin, Amy’s daughter with a traditional hand fastening carried out by Krystyna Hebb their friend and celebrant. Ironically it was actually a day of celebrating for Krystyna too, being her 20th Wedding Anniversary, surely this has to be a good omen if you believe in such things.

The entertainment didn’t stop after this, as they enjoyed a brief bit of chatter with fizz and canapés in the secret gardens of 1331, before setting off to another set of gardens at the Minster with their entire wedding party of around 50 people for photos.

Loubie and Amy had asked their guests to come wearing rainbow colours to represent the colours of the pride flag-when we did their photos they asked everyone to group together in the colours to form the flags pattern, this looked great.

I'm not sure people knew what to think as they saw two brides leading the masses through the streets of York, it was truly an incredible thing to be part of!


Venue: 1331, in, York | Photography: Anoif Photography | Hair: Hair by Holly from Grant Ashley | Make up: Amy Long | Dresses: Bex Brides of Darlington & Drag Queen Bambi Price's Divine | Flowers: Loubie's Brother-Made of Lego | Food: 1331 too

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